In a scenario where we live virtually connected and digital occupies all facets of our daily lives without exception, talking about digital presence may seem like an obvious concept in the minds of many. However, this notion does not stop at just existing on the internet and goes much further.

If a few decades ago we looked to the future and talked about flying cars or even teleportation, the reality of 2022 is quite different and we often don’t even realize the presence of technology in the smallest details. From voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, to search engines with results fully adapted to each user, contact with digital is truly transversal to all domains of our personal sphere, not leaving the corporate universe to chance.

A phenomenon easily proven just by the amount of electronic devices that we find around us, the truth is that the use of the Internet came to clear any doubts that remained. We are increasingly digital beings and the National Statistics Institute (INE) says that, according to 2020 data, 84.5% of Portuguese households were connected to this tool, with a clear emphasis on for areas such as the Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

In turn, in Brazil the trend also seems to continue, with similar numbers to the Portuguese. As stated in the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD) for 2019, 82.7% of Brazilian homes also had access to the Internet.

So, if we think about it, it is almost impossible for someone or some business not to be present on the Internet, isn’t it? Come and understand what digital presence is, a concept that may seem simple, but there is a lot to be said!

But what exactly is a digital presence?

Digital presence is the sum of all actions carried out by an individual or company on the Internet, in an integrated manner. This means that when we look at this concept, we see existence in the virtual as a whole, not just isolated behaviors such as creating a simple account on the social media.

Transversal to any communication channel on digital platforms, it is important to remember that the message of each one of them must be aligned and in accordance with its mission, values and objectives. So, if we take social media as an example, we know that the type of content published on a professional platform like LinkedIn should not be the same as what is shared on a more informal network like Facebook.

Only by knowing the purpose of each channel, which can range from e-mail to the creation of a website, we can add any kind of value to our audience, building and preserving a relationship with them within the digital.

In this way, we can say that digital presence is the result of positioning an individual or a company on the Internet and everything that this encompasses, from the communication channel used to the content created, and the engagement that this generates.

On the other hand, the concept of digital presence can also be understood from another perspective, representing the way we are seen by our audience. Effectively, those who watch and follow us virtually assume a crucial role in our digital relevance, making it necessary to attract and involve them in the most beneficial way possible.

Over all, you must to be authentic. Otherwise you will be ignored — or even dismissed — by your audience.

Organizations on the digital

More than ever, boosting your business means having an active and quality digital presence!

In addition to being a way to distinguish yourself from the competition and bring greater credibility and visibility to the organization, working on your brand’s online presence is almost the only way to be able to sell a product or service in the 21st century. On the other side, this is an opportunity to attract new customers and strengthen the relationship with current ones, as well as reassure its authority in the respective segment and reduce potential costs with physical media.

But if you think that your business just needs a website to have a good digital presence, we have to tell you that you are wrong. With so many ways to communicate virtually, having a company website has become truly inefficient… — but that’s a subject for the next article.

The pillars of Digital Presence

digital presence

Talking about digital presence must be understood as an uninterrupted process, which starts with a purpose and, once applied, needs constant monitoring. By this, in a fully digital reality, start thinking about your role in this scenario and work on it with your digital community. What are you waiting for?

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