Reading the previous articles in this series on digital presence, you may have realized how important planning is. To define the best channels to be used and a strategy applied to each one of them will need to be well processed. And thinking about all that good digital marketing planning involves, you might think: I need to have a large marketing team.
Not quite.
Nowadays it is possible to automate many marketing processes. A good tool is capable of reducing operating costs and optimizing results. Having the right tools, therefore, will help you advance much of the process. However, it is clear that the tools do not work alone. You need good professionals who know how to lead them.
Having a very large team is not synonymous with having a team of experts. You need good professionals and good tools that can help them. This is the way to the perfect execution of a marketing plan.

So, what is the ideal size of a digital marketing team?

The truth is that there is no exact number. The size of your team will depend on the size of your company, your strategy, your budget. Some companies may need more than one designer, for example, while for others one will suffice.
The company’s segment is also a relevant point. B2B companies may need more professionals to manage and classify leads. It may be that the sales team needs to be bigger. As for B2C, materials such as flyers and Instagram art are very interesting, so they may need more designers. Your business goals will help you define which professionals your team needs.

The automated marketing

When we talk about marketing automation, people think of automated interactions like chatbots and mass emailing. But actually automation is used in marketing in more effective ways.

Marketing automation is the term used to designate any automated process, from simply scheduling posts to automated interactions — even if not recommended. However, the automation that we believe can

help you is one that involves marketing processes, which optimizes workflows.

Automation can also be related to Inbound Marketing. Thus, we use it to enhance the attraction, management and nurturing of leads. The team’s interventions, in this case, become more targeted.
Marketing automation can also be used in post-purchase processes to encourage retention and loyalty. In addition to many other ways. Every process can be optimized.
Do you already use a tool to automate your marketing?

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