Those who work with social media often find themselves at that crossroads: “but I’m going to share this post again”? The answer is simple: if it makes sense, it’s not something that lost the timing, YES, no problem. You invest hours and hours creating content for your website and you need to make that post drive as many people there as possible!
A tweet dies ten seconds after being posted – the time for a hug! On Facebook, within two hours the post has basically reached 75% of the audience to which it will be distributed, and can continue for up to 24 hours. But that’s all!
So why not re-share a post after a while, and keep driving people to that content on your site that it took you so long to create?
In order not to get boring if the post reaches people who have seen it before, you can use some techniques, changing the approach with each post. See some suggestions below:

Straightforward and simple: once the post is launched, you can just put a brief comment, the title, hashtags, and the link (in the post or the bio, depending on the network). That’s enough.
Ask a question: think of a question related to your post and put it on social media; Questions are a good way to engage people.
Cite a fact: search your content for interesting information or statistics; numbers tend to draw a lot of attention.
Share a phrase: take a catchphrase from your content and put it on social media; people love to share this kind of stuff and it can even go viral; but it needs to be short, that it fits on Twitter!
Add a touch of doubt: Sometimes the best way to capture attention is to pose a doubt, suspense, a question related to your content that you apparently don’t have an answer for and would like to hear from your followers.

So, if you understood the suggestions well, you’ll see that it’s okay to make multiple posts targeting the same content, as long as you change the approach and the image. This way you optimize the distribution of your content, reaching different people each time.

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