In the previous article, we already mentioned that having a great website is not enough to build a good digital presence. What is needed, then?

Well, to begin, let’s get to know the Digital Marketing Ecosystem.

To establish an effective digital presence we need to create three levels of interaction with the public – the channels of attraction, information, and retention. At the first level, we are going to attract an audience of potential consumers or customers so that they can get to know the brand. The main channels of attraction that we can use in the digital world are social networks — and in this regard, we have several options to explore. We shouldn’t just be satisfied with Instagram and Facebook. Of course, both are important, but we can go further.

To choose the ideal social network to establish a channel of attraction for your brand, you first need to know your goals. Which audience do you want to attract? And how do you want this audience to see your brand? If your business is B2B, for example, it is worth investing in LinkedIn. If you want to take more in-depth and technical information through audiovisual, YouTube can be a good choice. The most important thing is not to be present on all social networks, but to be present on the right network for your niche.

After showing your brand to the public, you need to keep them informed about your products or services, creating relevant content that makes a difference to them. Here we can use the main information channel of any brand, which is its website.

We said that the website is not enough to consolidate your digital presence, but that does not mean that it is not important. It is on your website, preferably with the help of a blog, that you will be able to deepen the information about your products and services, answering all the questions that your audience may have. And for this channel to help you at the next level – conversion – you need to have relevant information that can be easily found with modern SEO techniques.

Finally, we have the retention channel. Here it is necessary to strengthen the relationship with your audience, establish a bond. One of the best channels for closing sales is email marketing. However, it’s no use sending out emails to your audience. For conversion to take place, you need to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. And this can be done with the help of email marketing automation tools. Always remember though, value content is most important.

Here at MakeAll.Digital we believe that it is the integration of all these channels, in a strategic and aligned way, that brings the best results in digital marketing. How do you work your company’s digital presence?

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