Discover the questions that will help you strengthen and give more consistency to your content

Chuck Jones, the cartoonist who created the characters Roadrunners and Coyote, had a set of nine rules that he used as a filter for his creative process. He said that this way, he managed to maintain the consistency of the characters. This idea is actually essential for any content-based business.

But before we go any further, what is a content-based business?

It is one where a person or company shares free content consistently with their audience. It can be based in formats such as blog, email marketing, video, podcast… This content aims to help people improve some aspect of their lives and the entrepreneur can earn money with products and/or services built from this free content, but in a way that it adds even more value to your audience.

Pause closed, let’s create our rules? (Or filters, as you prefer!). They can help strengthen and give more consistency to the content you share with people.

Grab a pen and paper and answer the questions below:

1. What is unique about the way you create and share content?

2. What topic or subject will you never talk about?

3. Describe in one word the result you expect for people who consume your content. Include the definition of that word.

4. How do you speak to your audience? From a relationship of equals? An authority relationship? Both? A different way?

5. What is your content schedule? How often do you share information? Something you won’t change.

6. Do you share other people’s stories, or do you just tell your own experiences?

7. List the tools you use to create your content. (Having this list on hand will help you create more consistently, without leaving holes or testing new tools all the time).

8. Name a question you can ask yourself periodically to make sure you’re staying on track with the content you’re creating.

9. What can you NOT commit to when creating content for your audience?

Keep this list in a remarkable place and read it every day before producing your content.

Your answers to these questions may change over time, but ideally, you should always keep them the same until you feel an absolute need to change. The answers should be based on what you believe in and what you stand for. And that does not change every day, right?

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