What does it take to have a good digital presence?

Our concept of digital presence is much broader than just having a website. Being MakeAll.Digital is: having a good website, with relevant information and that can be found with modern SEO techniques; ensure brand building and attracting new customers using social media channels; and finalize sales by delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time, with e-mail marketing automation. The integration of all this is what guarantees the best result.

What is Digital Presence

Digital presence is the sum of all actions performed by an individual or company on the internet, in an integrated manner. Each channel’s message must be aligned and in line with its mission, values and objectives. Above all, you have to be authentic. Otherwise it will be ignored—or even rejected—by the public.
Digital Presence
What does it take to have a good digital presence

What does it take to have a good Digital Presence?

First, good planning, evaluating what the brand has today, how it is positioned, and how it is comparing with competition. That’s where our work begins. With Planning, we can assess what makes sense for you, for your moment. The result is a well-defined strategy, scaled costs and projected results.


What’s the best channel to invest today?

There is no ready-made formula and that is where our market experience comes into play. Some cases will require more complex websites, with many details about the products, increasing indexing and the possibility of access. Others will be resolved with a single page. There are products that reach the audience better on Facebook, others on Instagram and there are those that demand a job on LinkedIn. E-mail marketing? Adwords? Facebook Ads? Planning will determine what will bring the best result for your case.
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Big Team

Do I need to have a big team?

No. What you need is to have the right tools for your case and be assisted by professionals who know what to do with them. Today it is possible to automate a series of marketing processes, reducing costs and increasing results. With a planning document in hand, you can follow our recommendations with your own team or hire a third party — of course we prefer you to stay with us!

So, the website is just part of the process?

Yes, but a very important part. Your website is your main showcase, where well-thought-out content will have the power to retain the right people and generate interest. It is the foundation of our strategy and where the audience needs to be directed. It needs to be 100% in line with everything that’s happening on other channels. It’s no use launching a campaign on a social media or via email marketing if the website is not in tune. It may sound incredible, but it still happens a lot.

The Website

How do I control what is happening?

Conducting periodic evaluation meetings of actions, based on analytical reports, with numbers and statistics. Each action can be tracked and generated its own report. An auto-updating dashboard provides real-time data. There are many options on the market and we are here to help you use them.

What if I get a lot of interactions?

The more interactions from the audience, the better. It’s a sign that your company is attracting attention. To help you answer all of them within an acceptable timeframe (24 hours maximum), there are several tools available on the market that concentrate the interactions of all networks in one place. And more: they keep the history of interaction with each person, so you know what you’ve talked to them before.

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